Kristy Fifelski reporting to City of Reno Council in 2010
Kristy Fifelski reporting to City of Reno Council in 2010.

We’re all pretty good about sharing tweets and Facebook posts that commend our agency for doing something well. After all, we want other citizens to see that we’re really helping.

Facebook post from citizen
Post from citizen on City of Reno, NV Facebook page. (click to enlarge)

But don’t forget to share those successes inside your agency as well. It doesn’t have to be an incredibly formal report (like the presentation I gave in the photo to Reno City Council), but even something like a quick email helps. Perhaps you can reserve an area on your employee intranet or internal news blast.

The idea is to get the message across internally when the public is happy because we helped them on social media. Too often, only the staff directly involved with social media get to see these stories.

My favorite examples are when citizens start off their post irritated, are surprised when an agency actually responds & helps, and walk away content. This is what we want in government!

Social media is still scary to many administrators and officials in government. Help make it less scary (and get some valuable support for your agency’s social media program) by sharing little successes along the way.


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