Screenshot of AT&T's TV Commercial - It's Not Complicated "More"
Screenshot of AT&T's TV Commercial - It's Not Complicated "More"

We’ve all seen the AT&T commercial where the little girl explains in the simplest terms why more is better than less; “We want more, we want more. Like you really like it, you want more”. Too often social media falls into this category, and there is certainly no shortage of platforms clamoring for our attention. But before you run to your leadership demanding presences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram ~ I dare you to ask yourself “why?”

Believe it or not, social media is old news. The State of Michigan in fact has been utilizing it since the “Tom” days of MySpace, long before Justin Timberlake tried to bring it’s sexy back. We ventured there because we knew it was where our target audience was, teenage to young adults who could benefit from messaging on disease prevention. Continuing to focus on the structural makeup of these platforms is still vital to the success of our over 147 social accounts today.

Social media is not an all or nothing game. You do not get extra credit for being the first to utilize Snapchat if you do it ineffectively. Your content must meet the demands of the community, and the efforts you put forth in engaging these audiences should meet the goals and objectives of your agency. In Michigan, our bottom line always circles back to whether or not we are providing additional value to our constituents. Do you typically take a moment to consider if getting on that shiny new platform brings something more to your citizens?

Guest contributor Nicole Sunstrum has been coordinating statewide public sector social engagement initiatives for over four years. She is currently responsible for managing a unified presence and strategy for government entities among an external audience of over 6.5 million. Her role includes policy creation, communications consultation, training and education. Nicole personally manages the State of Michigan enterprise wide platforms, ranked as the third largest in the nation. In her spare time, she serves as a City Councilperson in the City of Portland and enjoys throwing parades for fun.

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