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Dogs are a man’s best friend, but they certainly aren’t cheap. Just ask any pet owner! The cost of food, supplies, medicine, and vet appointments for dogs, cats, and other “fur babies” can definitely add up!

Animal shelter employees and volunteers undoubtedly understand all of the costs associated with taking care of animals. Shelters—which can be non-profit entities or government-run departments—house, feed, and care for homeless, lost, and abandoned pets, often with limited budgets. The success of most animal shelters depends on government funding or grants, donations from the public, and the assistance of unpaid workers.

Shelters must continually strive to increase both pet adoptions as well as monetary donations, and social media is helping many animal shelters do both. It’s tough to ignore photos and videos of adorable animals in need, as you can see from the following examples.

Facebook: City of Fallon Animal Shelter

fallonFacebook is the second most popular website in the world. The City of Fallon Animal Shelter, located in Nevada, decided to take advantage. The shelter’s Facebook page has one of the cutest cover photos you’ve ever seen. Photos of lovable cats and dogs in need of homes are also posted and shared regularly, increasing their chances of adoption.

Instagram: Front Street Animal Shelter

Instagram has taken social media by storm and the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California has decided to take advantage of the trendy photo-sharing platform. The numerous pics of puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats will make just about anyone say “Awww!” The shelter’s Instagram followers can like and share photos to help these precious animals find new people-parents.

YouTube: WAGS Pet Adoption

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can say even more! WAGS Pet Adoption, which has been contracted by the City of Westminster, California to care for the area’s stray and homeless animals, created this charming parody of Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” for YouTube. “Adopt Me Maybe?” stars WAGS employees, volunteers, and, of course, adorable animals who need permanent homes.

Pinterest: Multnomah County Animal Services

This government agency has a presence on almost every major social network, including Pinterest. Multco Animal Services does everything from pet adoptions to animal rescue, to pet licensing. The photo-sharing platform is the perfect environment for pins of smiling puppies, snuggly kittens, and other lovable animals on the agency’s Pinterest page.


Added Benefits of Social Media

In addition to placing pets in loving homes and increasing the number of donations while finding new volunteers for shelters, social media can also help pet owners reconnect with their lost pets. Posting videos and photos on social media platforms helps raise community awareness of missing pets, increasing the odds of animals being found and reconnected with their human families.


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