New Facebook Feature

If you administer a Facebook page for your agency, the social network is rolling out a new feature that may prove to be extremely helpful.

This past weekend, Facebook popped up with a note on our page, “Starting on February 20, the names of admins will show next to their posts and comments.”

Screenshot of Facebook News

What does this mean for government? If you have multiple people in various departments managing your page, you’ll be able to easily see which posts came from whom. This could be helpful in situations where you have a question about a particular post. Or, it can help you identify that person who just keeps having typos! It could help for training purposes, enabling you to see who needs help with writing in the right “voice” for your agency. Or, who to call out with kudos in your next team meeting for their brilliant post!

You’ll also see which admin responded to citizen questions. If you’ve ever administered a Facebook page with multiple people, you know how valuable this will be!

For those departments that have contracted with a social media management company, you’ll be able to easily identify which posts came from the third party and which are your own. Facebook says non-admins won’t be able to see the ‘Posted By’ information, so don’t worry about your citizens seeing admin’s names.

Kristy Dalton is the creator of Government Social Media and host of the online video series. Read her full bio.

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