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Date/Time: Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Facebook Ads are highly targeted and provide great analytics, so you can track the effectiveness of your campaign. We will be focusing on the creative aspects – graphics and copywriting- to help make the most of your campaign and help your marketing dollars go farther.

About the Speaker(s):

Allisa Robertson, Amplify Relations
The Account Executive you wish you had on your project. Allisa climbed from Amplify Relations’ reception desk to a corner office in less time then most of us spend putting on our shoes. She shows a level of commitment to clients that doesn’t just solve your problems but makes you feel like you have no problems at all. It’s a passion for helping people solve big problems that makes her special; she always goes the extra inning and works the late nights to ensure every element is right. At most agencies, the account executive is just the middleman. At Amplify Relations, Allisa is raising that bar from middle(wo)man to leading lady.

Elizabeth Brass, Amplify Relations
A true believer in the power of design with a passion for work that is not just effective, but also beautiful. As Amplify Relations’ lead designer, Elizabeth can redefine a campaign with a single stroke of a brush. Elizabeth is an expert in digital tools and layouts with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator; however, that doesn’t mean she isn’t just as astute with oil paint, watercolor, and a sketchpad. Every day Elizabeth shows the power of what you can do pairing traditional fundamentals with modern design tools. At Amplify Relations, Elizabeth makes our most beautiful dreams come to life.

Trinda Freese, Amplify Relations
As PR Coordinator, Trinda is responsible for guiding the social media presence of our clients. Between curating content and generating posts, she stays up to date with ever-changing platforms and their best practices.